Institutional Framework for Education in Pakistan

(Information about Institutional Framework is a work in progress)

Education is a provincial subject post 18th Constitutional Amendment. The Federal Government has a policy making mandate with administration of education in federal capital and territories under its control, and to coordinate between provinces to implement international treaties and promote cohesion and set of shared values. The implementation rests with respective provincial governments. Every province has been dealing in a different manner, under different laws and bodies.

There are various government department, bodies and organisations are working in Pakistan in the education sector both at Federal and Provincial level.

Main bodies are identified below:

Federal Government (Islamabad Capital Territory)

Ministry of Federal Education and Professional Training

The Ministry is the central body on education in Pakistan with the mandate to develop human resources by ensuring equal access and educational excellence across Pakistan.

Functions of the Ministry are:

  1. National cohesion on education policies and reforms, and focusing national attention on education issues;
  2. Lead Educational Standard setting;
  3. Leading programs of national importance to ensure equity and cohesion;
  4. Leading international cooperation and coordination on education matters;
  5. Achieve universal literacy in the country;
  6. Integration of Religious Educational Institutions;
  7. Collect, analyze and disseminate information on key education indicators including student learning assessments and education financing;
  8. Manage, supervise and implement formal education in schools and colleges under ICT through the Federal Directorate of Education;
  9. Registration & regulation of Private Educational Institutions in ICT and enforcement of relevant rules & regulations on private education sector;
  10. Contribute to the education of young through a value system based on the Scout Promise and Law;
  11. Lead a coordination of academic evaluation across Pakistan, especially for quality in large scale student exams through the Inter Board Committee of Chairmen (IBCC).

More information about the Ministry can be viewed at

Departments/Bodies associated with the Ministry of Federal Education and Professional Training with different functions are listed below.

  1. Higher Education Commission (HEC)
  2. Federal Directorate of Education (FDE)
  3. Federal Board of Intermediate & Secondary Education (FBISE)
  4. Inter Board Committee of Chairman (IBCC)
  5. Private Educational Institutions Regulatory Authority (PEIRA)
  6. Federal College of Education (FCE)
  7. Pakistan Manpower Institute (PMI)
  8. Academy of Educational Planning & Management (AEPAM)
  9. National Education Assessment System (NEAS)
  10. Pakistan National Commission for UNESCO (PNCU)
  11. National Book Foundation (NBF)
  12. National Vocational & Technical Training Commission (NAVTTC)
  13. National Training Bureau (NTB)
  14. Federal Polytechnic Institute of Women
  15. IslamabadNational Commission for Human Development (NCHD)
  16. Basic Education Community Schools (BECS)
  17. National Education Foundation (NEF)
  18. National Talent Pool (NTP)
  19. National College of Arts (NCA)
  20. Pakistan Institute of Fashion & Design, Lahore
  21. Pakistan Boys Scout Association
  22. Pakistan Girls Guide Association

Punjab Province

School Education Department (SED)

School Education Department (SED) is the main department in Punjab in the province with following mandate:

  • Legislation, Policy Formulation and Planning;
  • Maintaining Standards of Education;
  • Monitoring and Evaluation System;
  • Promotion of Quality Education;
  • Staff Development;
  • and other functions.

The functions of the SED and more details can be viewed here.

Different Departments and Bodies are associated with the SED. The main are:

  • Punjab Education Foundation
  • Director Public Instruction
    • Elementary
    • Secondary
  • Quaid-e-Azam Academy for Educational Development (QAED)
  • National Museum of Science & Technology
  • Children Library Complex Punjab (CLC)
  • Punjab Education Assessment System (PEAS)
  • Punjab Textbook Board
  • Punjab Examination Commission (PEC)
  • The Punjab Daanish Schools and Centers of Excellence Authority
  • Punjab Teachers Foundation