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AI in education

IT would be an understatement to say AI has taken the world by a storm. Much like the pandemic, it...
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Education ‘reimagining’

THE sentiment to ‘reimagine’ is commendable. We haven’t done well in many things, and should, if possible, ‘reimagine’ and try...
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Education in Pakistan: problems, challenges and their solution

Pakistan has one of the world’s lowest literacy rates, with an estimated 22.6 million children not attending school and a...
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The Dark Side of Education

Teachers are the architects of a nation’s destiny, entrusted with the formidable task of shaping and guiding the next generation....
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Facing the Challenges of Girls’ Education in Pakistan

Girls’ education is smart economics, and Pakistan has committed to guaranteeing the right of both girls and boys to access quality...
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Bullying at school can be controlled

This is with reference to the report ‘School promises strict action in torture case’ (Jan 26). It seems quite plausible...
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The State of Education for minority groups in Pakistan

Though Pakistan is a majority Muslim country with more than 90% of its population practicing the Islamic faith still, its...
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We Need European Leadership to Address the Education Crisis

With 22 million children out of school in Pakistan alone – and 222 million crisis-impacted children in need of education...
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Inclusive Education: A Major Concern -A Case Study Of Pakistan

Education has been considered as one of the most basic and crucial need for any economic, cultural, social and policy...
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Impacts of Political Instability on Education in Pakistan

In modern times, Political Stability is one of the key components in governing any society and country. There is hardly...
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Impact of Digital Divide on Education in Pakistan

If there is one lesson that is to be drawn from the Global Pandemic, it should be that access to...
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The State of Rural Education in Pakistan

In any country’s progress and prosperity, Education plays a pivotal role, especially in contemporary times, where the world is being...
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The Impact of Climate Change on Education in Pakistan

According to experts, Pakistan is highly vulnerable to face the adverse impacts of Climate Change, as different parts of the...
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The Educational Paradox of Pakistan

The core purpose or the basic demand of education is to instil, unveil, resurface or enhance the ability to strike...
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The Role of Private Sector in Education in Pakistan: Opportunities and Challenges

Over the course of the last two decades, the role of the private sector in the field of education has...
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